#Emerging brand

We are a shoe brand with a unique design and respectful of crafts and environment.

In Sense Mesura we try to combine sensitivity and sustainability with an attractive and original look.

We create timeless collections, because we do not believe in excessive consumption, but in the use and maintenance over time of shoes, idea and objective of SLOW DESIGN


We transfer our commitment to the environment iin our collections, therefore, all the elements of the shoes are sustainable: materials, laces, soles, eyelets, etc.

Our concern and our effort is focused on achieving 100% sustainable footwear, and even if today some element of footwear are not sustainable, we investigate and innovate to achieve maximum sustainability in the development of our products.

We work with designs and materials that generate the least environmental impact, saving in natural resources and energy.

We are engaged to continue incorporating sustainable elements and low impact into our shoes and processes.
The factories where we produce also share our same concern, and their commitment to the environment is clear.

If you share this concern and are interested in knowing ... watch the following videos.

How is the vulcanizing process?


What materials we use to produce our shoes?